The baker behind Sweet Tales Cake Boutique

Dear friend it has been a long time since I took a coffee break, since I sat in front of my journal with a pencil and a piece of paper to express an emotion or an idea.  It has been so long that now what used to be ink and paper has been replaced with my social media handles and a business website. What? How can this be? As a business owner it is vital that we share photos with clients and fans and I certainly love that part of the business, but I also miss a good story; one that takes me on an adventure, one that teaches me how to do something, how to fix a problem, how to keep on growing.

I am often asked questions about my cake studio, how to run a certain aspect of my business or how something was done.  I am also asked about the elegant wedding cakes we make at Sweet Tales Cake Boutique, their sugar flowers and the craft behind them, but sometimes I am also surprised by the questions of those who walked in my fruit and flower gardens or by the unsaid words of a child eating a peach from one of my trees with eyes full of pure satisfaction and happiness all these moments hold a very special part in what I do and why I do it.

There is so much beauty and crafts that are interconnected in the world.  With that in mind I am going back to the writing board with this blog to recreate the ink journal I used to write to provide feedback to inquisitive readers and I hope to meet new friends along the way.

I will take you behind the scenes of my cake studio and the challenges of being a young female entrepreneur and the elements that inspires my thoughts and imagination.  As we travel on this journey together I hope to share with you what moves my soul and motivates me to wake up every morning and do it all over again and of course we will eat cake together in my coffee hour.