Christmas Stories

I wanted to share a bit of a December story!

Yesterday, we had a very nice lady come into the studio and asked for advise on how to open her very own cake business and later asked me if I will consider renting her my kitchen. Her voice was breaking, it was a cold day, freezing really as we had a snow, I could tell she was so nervous.

She kept on apologizing for her accent and asked me if I understood her, I secretly smiled, because I do too have an accent and I do too often apologize for things that I really should not.  When she finally paused, I asked what her name was and how she found us.

She said she found us on Google and Yelp and was mesmerized by the reviews.  I told her I was so proud and highly impressed by her effort.  I was honor to meet her and hear her story and her beautiful accent. I opened my heart, my kitchen and my time to listen to really listen.

We chatted for about 2 hours. Where unfortunately I did not have more time to chat, I sent her home with homework and box of macarons and set up another meeting to go over more of her questions and needs.

To protect her privacy we are going to name her Paula which happens to be a name and a friend very near my heart.  Dear Paula, do not get caught up on other baker’s social media success or misfortunes; this will only confuse and blur your own path. I know it can get noisy out there, but don’t fall in that trap there is amazing things within you that nobody else can offer, not me or the most influential baker in the world, however if you need help finding that and I am happy and feel humble to have the chance to guide you. 

Much Love and respect and I hope you enjoyed the macarons!