I believe your wedding cake should taste as good as it looks. I am inspired by the natural ingredients we grow, beautiful aesthetics and you! I will use these mediums and your personality to bring to life a bespoke piece for your special occasion.

Our team will deliver a flawless confectionary experience directed by your taste buds, style preferences and orchestrated by a group of professionals that have a proven record in our industry.

owner and head designer at Sweet Tales Cake Boutique

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I grew up in Medellin, Colombia, a place that has always been known as the city of the eternal spring due to its pleasant climate all year. It’s abundance of flowers and delicious food appeared to be a never ending affair. At the time I did not understand the importance of it all, but my time there as a child will become pivotal later. I grew up in a kitchen that smelled like passion fruit, figs, cinnamon, vanilla cake, orchids and local gossip. As a young child I decorated my mud cakes with an abundant supply of garden flowers, fruit and imagination. I also learned about temperature controls and knew how to make pastry cream before I knew how to read or write. Long live pastry cream! 

At an early age I understood food was important. It had the ability to bring people together; even if they disagreed people would always treat the table as a sacred place for family, friends and comfort. Ohh! But, it was dessert that rein the table. The smile on everyone’s face was a silent performance and I chased that ghost, that energy with every recipe that I develop in the kitchen, I find it when my clients, friends and family try my cakes. 

My short time there as a child was ethereal. I often wonder if I made it all up, but then I take a bite into my vanilla cake filled with passion and raspberry cream and it all comes back to me. The fruit, the flowers, art and the amazing people that touched and guided my young years.  

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When it was time to pick a career I somehow managed to convince myself that I needed to go to business school before pursuing a career in the culinary arts and while going to business school and working in corporate america I took several positions working for pastry chefs in Boston, taking private classes with chefs and sugar artist in New York.  

I became a cake designer to honor your event and your individually as well as a gardener to make sure you have access to natural ingredients and I have been a baker since age 5. I understand the importance of creating memorable moments through delicious food. Our cakes are also not just food, they are a decoration, a conversation starter, a backdrop for the photos that will become a memory and a keepsake while representing your style and taste buds. 

This is what I experienced as a child. This boutique is the result of the relentless work of a girl with a dream, and the woman that I became to make it happen.
My lifetime experience as a baker, designer and gardener has brought me to you! My team and I are ready and prepared to execute delicious and beautiful artistry.

When you become a client, you are our priority and part of the Sweet Tales family. You are not a number in a busy kitchen, your cake becomes a delicious, handcrafted story waiting to happen before your senses.

was born from wishing to serve clients with the same level of pure, clean and natural ingredients

what our clients had to say...

Sweet Tales was by far the best cake we have ever tasted. From the sample box that was dropped off to us to the cake at the wedding, it was perfect. I truly have never tasted any cake like this. Elizabeth truly cares about her product. She was incredible to work with, as soon we chose her she immediately began creating the cake we had envisioned. I can't say enough about this bakery! ~ Rebecca C, Past Bride



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I live in a 3 acre property in which I garden and grow lots of produce and flowers so I convinced myself that I needed to buy 500 Dahlia tubers to start “don’t judge” but I secretly hide certain purchases from my husband and Dahlias are certainly my flower muse and muses are meant to be hidden just a bit? Your significant other does not need to know everything right? - Thinking about possibly buying a few goats too, forget it, I don't have time for goats. 

I have a bit of a problem with buying Dahlia tubers and flower bulbs.